Edna Louise Estate and Household Liquidations

Estate Sale

Saturday, April 29, 9:00AM to 1:00PM
175 Oakgrove Drive, Williamsville NY

The Legendary Cambria Castle and Dream Island...

If you grew up in Williamsville, you have probably been enchanted by the unlikely existence of Cambria Castle and the gorgeous natural sanctuary it is situated on. Built by a German-born mason beginning in 1917, it has underpinnings in Vaudeville and has had many fascinating inhabitants through the years. School children and other groups have been fortunate to tour the grounds and buildings, and the longtime owner family have been very generous in sharing this magical place. The Castle is now celebrating its Centennial, but the massive unconventional structures have suffered to some degree with this age, so the contents must be removed in order to address these issues. We are so pleased to have been allowed to present the contents in their original setting. The eclectic tastes on display will not disappoint you, as they run the gamut from Gothic to traditional antiques to Mid-Century Modern. Everything is different, creative and artistic, from inspirational grounds to a bit of sensory overload inside. The pictures tell the story, but you have to be there to really feel it. Some things to know about this special sale: There are several areas both inside and outside that are just not safe enough for our customers, and they will be marked with tape or barriers. Caution should be exercised everywhere else. The buildings are across a bridge at the end of a long private drive on Oakgrove, and customer cars will not be allowed on this driveway during the sale, because it is narrow, and turning around is impossible once a few vehicles congest it. We will make special arrangements for large items as needed. Parking will be along Oakgrove, and we ask that everyone respect the lawns and driveways of the neighbors at all times. We will have an attendant at the end of the driveway to help things to go smoothly. Please do not cross the sawhorse barrier before the sale. We will place a signup list in a plastic sleeve at the end of the driveway Sunday afternoon. Thanks in advance for your patience and consideration as we open this wonderful property to our customers. Security is on the premises around the clock.