Edna Louise Estate and Household Liquidations

Upcoming Estate Sales

Four fabulous sales this week!

Saturday, August 15,10:00AM to 4:00PM
54 Clark Street, Tonawanda, New York

Half Price Saturday!

You may or may not be familiar with Mister Ski Mask, public access TV icon, talented musician and record producer but trust us... you want to be at this sale! This is his childhood home and where all his collections have been carefully stored. This is pop Culture to the Max. Great collections of vintage graphic t-shirts, concert posters, horror, a huge LP and 45vinyl collection, Laser Discs, and CDs. Pokemon, Spice Girls, OJ Simpson, TV show memorabilia, advertising, comics, trading cards, Star Trek, Star Wars, Buffalo ephemera, sports team clothing and collectibles, Disney, board games, art, lighters, jewelry, 60s mushroom kitchenware, barware, match books, year books, signs, RMI electric piano, organs, furniture, holiday, typewriters, phones, and electronics. The basement is packed with large boxes full of fun items. You'll love this one. We really do get all the fun sales here in Buffalo! Ignore that vintage t-shirt we found: Masks are mandatory. Security is on the premises.

Saturday, August 15,10:00AM to 4:00PM
143 Windsor Avenue, Buffalo, New York

The Estate of Doctors Julian and Clara Ambrus

It is truly an honor to be in the home of this great couple: Doctors Julian and Clara Ambrus. Their story is amazing. While studying medicine at the University of Budapest in his native Hungary during World War II, he was part of the resistance, first against the Nazis and then against the Soviets. Captured and thrown into a Soviet prisoner of war camp in 1945, he drew on his medical training to befriend a Russian woman doctor. After she tipped him off that all of the prisoners were going to be shipped to a gulag in Siberia the next day, he spent the night digging a tunnel under a barbed wire enclosure. When he emerged on the other side, there was the doctor, pouring glasses of vodka for the guards who were manning machine guns in the watchtowers, distracting them long enough so that he could make his escape. He began medical studies in 1942 and married classmate Clara M. Bayer, in 1944. During the war, his wife and her family sheltered Jews hiding from the Nazis in their home and in a vacant textile factory nearby. For saving hundreds from the Holocaust, she later received the Righteous of the Nations Award, the Israeli government’s highest honor for those who are not Jews. Dr. Ambrus went on to become director of cancer research at what was then Roswell Park Memorial Institute. Also a department chairman at the University at Buffalo Medical School, he trained hundreds of graduate student researchers and guided their work. He lectured at medical schools and symposiums around the world. He and his wife helped settle refugees from the 1956 Hungarian Uprising, finding jobs for about fifty former army officers in Roswell Park’s experimental chimpanzee colony. His wife Clara was research scientist at Roswell for twenty-five years. This sale includes fine furnishings, a Ludwig baby grand piano, a vast library of rare books, Hungarian books, art books, signed art and paintings, fine china and stemware, designer jewelry, Lladros, Royal Doulton, dolls, toys, silver, travel collections, electronics, Steiff , wicker, a taxidermy room includes Russian boars, fox and more, antique lighting, vintage clothing, stacker washer and dryer, holiday, tools and more! Security is on the premises.

Friday, August 14,12:00PM to 6:00PM
Saturday, August 15,10:00AM to 5:00PM
Sunday, August 16,10:00AM to 1:00PM
7935 Boston State Road, Hamburg, New York

Her Heart Barn liquidation sale

Have you ever walked into a place and immediately felt relaxed and at ease? Welcome to Her Heart Barn, a unique interactive art studio closing due to the current health crisis and the inability to operate during these uncertain times. The owner Kat has always been the creative type whether it be sewing, painting, cooking, gardening and converted this great two story barn with a castle like tower into a welcoming retreat open to all ages. She offered classes in painting, meditation, yoga, handmade crafts using repurposed materials, Pysanky, Placek and Polkas too! Kat has also collected antiques and vintage linen for many years and most are included in this great three day sale. Vintage postal sorting cupboard, trunks, wicker, chests, chairs, scale, stools, shelves, easel, art supplies, paints, brushes, pastels, canvas, exquisite collection of vintage linen, embroidered pieces, tablecloths, tea towels, gorgeous pillow cases, artwork, frames, toys, crafting, scrapbooking, yarns, sewing materials, clothing, jewelry and more! Take a ride to the Boston Hills. And stop for an ice cream at Charlaps!